acoustic-guitar-650x337We meet on Sunday mornings at Palmers Green Baptist Church (211 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4UH).  The church is just north of the junction with the North Circular Road.  We serve breakfast (expect things like coffee, tea, orange juice, muffins, croissants) from 10am and the service begins at 10:30am.

We aim to finish by 12noon.

What to expect
Our services are informal, so feel free to wear whatever you like – most people dress casually. You’ll be made to feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door, and people will talk to you – so you won’t be left to stand alone feeling awkward. However, we won’t be in your face or over-the-top, so if you just want to sit quietly by yourself, you’ll be able to.

After breakfast, the service begins with some worship – which will usually include singing a few songs, reading some verses from the Bible and a few short prayers. Before the talk the children and young people head off downstairs where they have their own age-specific programme. The talks are relevant and practical. We aim to explore what the Bible has to say on a subject and consider how what we’re learning should impact how we live our lives.

Toward the end of the service there will be an opportunity to pray and chat through any issues that have been raised. However, there’s no pressure to participate, so you can just sit quietly or go grab another cup of coffee!

This is what usually happens and our plan helps keep us on track. However, we seek to listen to, and be guided by the Holy Spirit, so sometimes God has other ideas and we do different things!